Hi, I'm Allan, an Ayrshire-based music and events photographer. I'm self taught and specialise in stage photography. Im currently based in North Ayrshire which is roughly 30 minutes west of Glasgow and work on a freelance basis. I'm available for any kind of music or entertainment-related project.  
Photography became a big part of my life just over a year ago when I picked my first digital SLR. 
I've learnt the basics from instructional videos and private messages from Adam Elmakias, a photographer who’s work I have admired for a number of years. Without his support I wouldn’t have progressed as fast as I have done. From the second I shot my first concert I was instantly hooked.
I started off in June 2017 shooting within the Rock and Metal scene, a scene that played a big part in my life from the early 90's until today. I have since branched out to cover all musical genres, as well as shooting a number of Burlesque and Circus type events.
I quickly developed my own style of photography which has led to many testimonials from some of the performers I have had the pleasure of shooting.


I have been lucky enough to start a working partnership with EAR ELF ear plugs. Anyone who is working in a loud environment should really check out their products!


Kerrang! Magazine | Metal Hammer | Agence Dalle | Uber Rock | Altwire


I'm open to any artistic commissions, so If you're a record label or promoter and want something new to offer your artists, or you're a performer looking for something to promote your brand  then I'd love to hear from you.

**IMPORTANT** If you haven't received an email back from me in 2 days please check your spam and trash email folders, it might have gone in there. Thanks
Thank you!
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